Terraphonics Releases Debut Single "Get It Thumpin'"

'Get It Thumpin' is the debut single from Terraphonics, a project born out of R&B guitarist and producer, Thomas Kenney's, love of classic funk, neo-soul, and early hip-hop elements. Terraphonics not only samples live musicians from Kenney's hometown of Charleston, SC, but around the world, fusing Afro-Cuban, West African, and Latin elements alongside American soul. 

'Get It Thumpin' is almost weather channel counterpoint meets a psychedelic hip hop vibe.  Featuring Little Stranger emcee Kevin Shields, the track is both a live/sampled session with  Alex Kellner on bass, Brandon Brooks on drums, Jonathan Lovett on keys, producer Rodrick Simmons (D'Angelo, Joss Stone) on synths, producer Robbi Kenney (Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Michael Bolton) on violin and viola, Gino Castillo (Gino Castillo Quartet), Robbie Madison on trumpet and vocal samples, and producer/mix engineer Thomas Kenney on guitar.

"Get It Thumpin'" is available on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, & MORE

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