Tom Mackell's "Where The Whiskey Flows" Live Studio Session

Tom Mackell performs his song "Where The Whiskey Flows" live in our studio

Featuring Charlie Thompson on dobro & Aaron Utterback on the telecaster and harmonies

Produced by WAV Creative
Video filmed & edited by Dries Vandenberg
Audio recorded, mixed & mastered by Matt Zutell


For this session, I recorded Tom's vocal using a telefunken CU-29 Tube mic and ran it through the universal audio la-610 preamp/compressor to give it a rich and smooth sound
I used my neumann TLM 103 on the acoustic guitar for the clarity and clean sound that mic produces
I recorded the dobro using the wa-87 microphone which has a nice mid range and a soft high end to keep the scratchy nature of the dobro from sounding too harsh
i used a cheap ribbon mic on aaron's vocal for the harmonies and threw a sm57 on the guitar amp cuz let's be on honest, it sounds great and there's no need to overthink it
 I Ran the acoustic and the dobro mics through my joe meek twin q channel strips for some light eq and compression before it reached the computer

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