Youngster Releases Debut Album "Rosa's Cantina"

Photo by Dylan Dawkins

“Rosa’s Cantina”, the debut album from Youngster, is out now!

Produced by Matt Zutell & Youngster
Recorded & Mixed by Matt Zutell at Coast Records
Mastered by Matthew Garber | For The Record Mastering

Youngster is:

Blake Ratliffe - Guitar/Vocals
Dan Truncillito - Guitar

Credited on Album:

Aaron Utterback - Bass
Matt Zutell - Drums
Dylan Dawkins - Keys
Frances Louis - Background Vocals (Every Night)

I first met Blake and Dan a few years ago after running sound for them at The Royal American and we connected on shared interest in The Strokes and Phoenix. Aaron Utterback (of Human Resources) and I eventually ended up sitting in on drums for a number of gigs and developing what would become a large chunk of Rosa’s Cantina before the Youngster boys decided to bring the project to Coast. After almost a year of fleshing the songs out on stage, Aaron and I were able to quickly track the rhythm section which freed up Blake and Dan to take their time building the beds into a really cool body of work. Over the course of a year of exploring and incorporating different influences and bringing in Dylan Dawkins (Persona La Ave) to add his characteristically unique keyboard and synth parts, Youngster’s RosA’s Cantina is here at last!

- Matt Zutell (Producer)

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